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Bala Bee's

COVID Safety Guidelines

 My goal, first and foremost, is to keep you and your children safe amidst this pandemic,  whilst continuing to offer your children the ability to connect with their body and mind  through the great benefits of exploring yoga. I am prioritizing smaller class sizes when  indoors to keep in accordance with these guidelines; making pre-registration  mandatory. 


 These are the guidelines we kindly ask you & your little ones to follow in accordance  with the ever changing Maine CDC guidance:

  • Face Masks are now optional 

  • Air Purifiers Will Stay On

  • Windows Open (when available)  

  • Hand Sanitizer must be used upon arrival

  • Social distancing of mat spaces up to 8 (indoor classes)

  • Bring equipment if possible (if not we can provide equipment)

  • Please do not come if you are unwell, use common sense health monitoring

  • Must provide updated contact information incase contact tracing is needed 

 Thank you for your careful consideration in keeping you and yours safe, so we can  continue our practices together!

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