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Little children practicing yoga indoors.

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Genevieve M Billings

   "Aerodynamically, the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway." -Mary Kay Ash

What's in the name, Bala Bee Yoga? In Sanskrit, the language of Yoga, Bala means Child. With my specialized teacher training I graciously guide children to know the power of yoga. The above quote is a tribute to the name, giving meaning to my wish for the children to, "believe in yourself & just be you." I created Bala Bee Yoga based off the observable need for children to do just that. My many years in education have revealed that children learn best when they know how to connect their body and mind, for good. Using playful yoga as the tool, I am able to expose the children to new ways of knowing themselves. I hold space for the children to learn how to be mindful & flexible in pursuit of finding a calm and happy existence. My teaching focuses on awareness & nourishing the whole child. I prioritizes the purposeful pauses that allow the children moments of peace. It is through this practice that I see the children settle into their bodies, find personal strength and yield to their organic self.

We were so happy to have Genevieve teaching yoga for kids! Our daughter has taken class with her in the past.  Genevieve is a seasoned yoga instructor, and she really has a kind, generous heart for children. Yoga is so useful for kids to just be in touch with their bodies and their emotions.  We especially loved the work she did with dealing with each emotion, both positive and negative, with different yoga poses. We look forward to making these classes part of our regular schedule. There is little to no opportunity for kids to experience this in our area. We really need a modality to help quiet their little minds in this new atmosphere we are living in!

Michelle H.


Genevieve is an outstanding children's yoga teacher. I have seen her work with kids ages 3-6 multiple times. It looked so enjoyable that I even joined the class a few times. She teaches children how to move their bodies, relax deeply, and breathe. These are such necessary and important skills for all people to develop! She is tremendously gifted in working with children. She is able to teach them skills about respecting their space, their own bodies, and others. She makes the class so engaging that the children are all doing the exercises and listening to each word she says with eager ears and eyes! I also like that she makes the classes fun by incorporating storybooks, games, and creativity. Any child would be lucky to have her as a yoga teacher!!

Martina D

“My daughter absolutely loves Bala Bee Yoga classes. Genevieve creates a warm, welcoming and fun atmosphere. The classes have even inspired my daughter to practice at home on her own when she needs a moment of calm.”

 Tricia R.


MDI - Ellsworth Region of Maine

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